Pennsylvania Development Agency

Supports Coordination

Pennsylvania Development Agency (PDA) offers Supports Coordination services through Pennsylvania’s Community Health Choices Program and Medicaid Waivers program. Participants of the program can choose Pennsylvania Development Agency to help them develop and coordinate a plan to stay in the community as long as possible without barriers.

Pennsylvania Development Agency does this by helping our clients find the best Home Care Agencies, Adult Day Centers, Transportation Services, Assistive technology and so much more. At Pennsylvania Development Agency we fight for our clients to get and maintain all the services necessary to maintain a healthy safe life. Every day PDA Supports Coordinators battles with the state of Pennsylvania, Manage Care Organizations, and other vendors to ensure our clients get everything they need; not what others think they need. Pennsylvania Development Agency also has several programs and services exclusive to our organization. If you are not getting everything

Pennsylvania Development Agency staff of experienced Supports Coordinators works with our clients’ as personal advocates on all things health related. When it comes to our clients’ health and life we stop at nothing to get the very best. Since our existence we hundreds of personal testimonies from satisfied clients expressing their gratitude for us showing them all the services and support they can receive. Whether you currently are receiving services or want to find out how to get services call us today. It’s your life, we know how to make it better.