Pennsylvania Development Agency

Rental Assistance Grant

Applicants can receive up to $1,000.00 per year towards Rent or initial down payment from Pennsylvania Development Agencies Rental Assistance Grant. Every grant recipient will also have full access to all of Pennsylvania Development Agencies Supports Coordination services and social work resources including Home Modifications, Home Care search, and Door to Door transportation services.

Applying is as easy as 1 2 3 !

Step one: 

Sign up or switch to Pennsylvania Development Agency to receive all your supports coordination services you (must be a client to apply)

Step two:

 Request and submit a completed application. (your supports Coordinator will give you full application)

Step three:

Accept the grant offer and pick your payment schedule for three options

Getting the Pennsylvania Development Agency Grant is as 1 2 3 !

* This is a private grant and funds are based on PDA’s selection process and availability. Applicants are not guaranteed grant access. Applicants must meet all grant requirements please check with supports coordinator for full list of grant requirements